PROPRICER™ Government Edition

Proposal Analysis Software for Federal Agencies

PROPRICER Government Edition (GE) equips federal acquisition professionals with the robust cost analysis engine needed to:

  • analyze contractor cost proposal data in a standardized format,
  • create most probable cost and negotiation positions,
  • project program funding requirements,
  • determine fair and reasonable pricing,
  • and ultimately, make confident award decisions.

Analyze Proposals in a Standardized Format

PROPRICER is already used by hundreds of large and small-business contractors to develop and submit cost proposals in a standardized format to government contracting offices and prime contractors.

With PROPRICER GE, government contracting offices are able to eliminate the cumbersome process of recreating a contractor's data in a spreadsheet to perform rate analysis by receiving cost proposals electronically inside PROPRICER, already formatted and ready to evaluate.

PROPRICER GE users are not only able to receive cost proposals electronically from vendors who already use PROPRICER, but can also give non-PROPRICER users the option of submitting proposals in PROPRICER format in order to more easily compare all proposals, apples-to-apples.

Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) Functionality

With PROPRICER GE in place, analysts are able to quickly create pricing scenarios, perform detail cost analysis, and generate most probable cost positions - all in record time.

For example, a library of forward pricing rates can be created and the impact on a bidder’s data accurately evaluated in minutes, rather than days.

With cost and pricing scenarios stored in a database, evaluation teams can produce complex “what-if” scenarios, fully loaded forward-pricing rate comparisons, and sophisticated cost estimating relationships, as well as create custom reports for briefings and analysis. This can greatly reduce the amount of time spent creating and adjusting government contract proposals.

Acquisition Efficiency

If your agency or office is ready to implement a strategic plan that will reduce redundant analyst efforts, improve output accuracy, and increase overall speed and productivity within your source selection environment, contact us or request a 1-on-1 demo from this page to learn how PROPRICER can support and be part of your acquisition optimization initiatives.

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