Customer Testimonials

“TM&LS has been using PROPRICER since 1998. We have watched this software mature into the best product available. We trust PRORPICER software and staff to get us through the most difficult proposals that the government can throw at us and we have never been disappointed. We look forward to what PROPRICER will come up with next! This software makes my job so easy.”
Kim D.
Pricing Manager, Textron Marine & Land Systems
“2007 we had a seamless transition over to PROPRICER from a main frame system. 2010 we converted over our material estimating system to PROPRICER. March 2013 we went live on 9.1 and added PRORPICER Estimator. I would recommend PROPRICER to anyone looking for an estimating tool. Best tool I’ve seen in my 25 years of pricing experience!”
Phil L.
Pricing Analyst, L-3 Technologies
“PROPRICER has been used for our company for years. It is the only software that can provide us the material and pricing needs to support our customer needs. We continue to obtain contracts and meet our customer needs. PROPRICER continues to keep our company in great standing with our customers.”
David M.
Estimator/IT Support, Babcock & Wilcox
“‘Innovate’ is an ideal term utilized to demonstrate PROPRICER and its team of support. The constant evolution and responses to customer requests of the program provide the users not only the tools needed to complete the job, but the confidence in the tools used to manage and maintain proposal efforts. With the continued evolution of the software, the customers feel their needs are being met with their investment in EBS ‘innovation’.”
Joe M.
Financial Analyst, BAE Systems
“PROPRICER 9 has been the greatest tool in the performance of the pricing process at GTRI. The ‘print to file’ utility with full working formulas has been especially helpful for government customers who are intent on auditing every detail of rates and BOE. The travel library makes it a cinch to rapidly price travel and provide necessary documentation.”
Jerry L.
Director of Operations, Georgia Technical Research Institute
“PROPRICER saved my job! I inherited an excel based estimating system that was so cumbersome, that I actively sought another job. Thankfully I demonstrated PROPRICER on a “live” proposal, while heavily recommending PROPRICER to our company. It was an instant success, and several months later it became our default proposal tool across the division.
PROPRICER is also used for other functions such as, capital equipment forecasting and is integral to my monthly customer reporting on several existing contracts.”

Jim A.
Senior Financial Analyst, ATK Space
“We were working on a proposal that was due at Fed Ex (LAX) by 6:00 am. Monday. Sunday night around midnight, management decided to make changes an I.W.O. using their bid codes instead. Their algorithm was different and I did not know how to do it. I felt horrible, but had to contact PRORPICER tech support at 1:00 am. The gentleman that took the call was very gracious. I kept apologizing for calling him so late. He finally told me to stop apologizing, because that was his job. He was already awake with a sick baby on his lap. He was so knowledgeable, that he was able to walk me through what I needed to do, and not even turn on his PC! Not only did he expertly walk me through the process, he helped me with compassion, calmed me down and assured me that everything would work out fine. He even called me back on his own to make sure the proposal was on track, but also wanted to make sure that I was ok!”
Ron L.
Senior Pricer, General Atomics
“I have had the pleasure of working with PROPRICER for nearly 10 years, and thoroughly appreciate its efficiency and flexibility. The software is accurate and dependable. The support staff is super helpful and open to suggestions. Overall, I am very pleased with PROPRICER!”
Christine V.
Pricer, TASC Inc.
“PROPRICER has been an invaluable pricing tool. It helps standardize our pricing activities and eliminate formula errors. The ability to run custom reports also saves time, when compared to manually generating them in Excel.”
Larry C. – Pricing Manager, SAIC
“PROPRICER has made pricing much easier for our estimating group. We are now looking into more of the new features to incorporate.”
Darlene G.
Proposal Pricing Analyst, United Launch Alliance
“Based on 10+ years of working with the PROPRICER team: the development group – amazing ability to stay current with the ever-changing software technologies. Tech support group – experienced, trained, and professional.”
Patrick H.
Senior Estimator, ViaSat Inc.