PROPRICER™ Contractor Edition

Top Features

  • Flexible “what-if” capabilities
  • Create or import global or proposal-specific direct and indirect rates
  • Use escalation sets for accurate and efficient rate development
  • Summarize data by WBS, CLIN, phase, and more
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • All this and more in a secure, collaborative environment

Proposal Pricing Software for Federal Contracts

PROPRICER Contractor Edition (CE) is the ultimate cost proposal development solution for federal contracts. Consistently submit cost proposals that are designed to win more government contracts, while maximizing the efficiency of your proposal process—saving both time and money.

Fast, Accurate & Flexible Proposal Pricing

Perform cost proposal analysis in minutes rather than hours by eliminating the need for complex spreadsheet templates. Define your proposal tasks in a manner that lets you manipulate and report your data in keeping with the overall proposal strategy, and as defined by RFP requirements.

Powerful “what-if” capabilities make PROPRICER CE indispensable when fine-tuning cost proposal data or finalizing efforts at the eleventh hour. Switch resource categories, cut estimates by percentages, or arrive at a desired target price with just a few mouse clicks.

PROPRICER comes loaded with over 85 useful canned reports, such as Detail Cost Breakdown, to help you meet RFP requirements in less time.

PROPRICER CE is designed to meet the needs of any-sized team – whether at a single site, or at various remote working locations.

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