Small Business Proposal Management Software
Applying Best Practices During All Phases of Growth
PROPRICER™ Small Business Edition includes many of the robust features and capabilities found in the full Contractor Edition, for companies who must “do more with less”. Creating and managing proposals, costs and rates can keep a small team of professionals very busy. With very little time to waste, PROPRICER™ SBE replaces unstable, non-flexible, spreadsheets with an easy-to-use cost proposal tool. Whether your proposal pricing is simple or complex, PROPRICER™ Small Business Edition organizes cost data including labor, materials, and other direct costs and allows users to update and revise offers in minutes. Compliant with FAR and DFAR business systems requirements and equipped with standard FAR reports, the PROPRICER™ Small Business Edition is the proposal management software of choice for contractors looking to improve proposal management efficiency in the government contracting arena.

Key Product Features:


  • User friendly data input screens
  • Organize estimates, apply rates/escalations, and perform “what-if” analyses in minutes
  • Fast and powerful while still providing data integrity in a secure environment
  • No data limits, with simple electronic data transfer to primes
  • Standard reports to make output easy for any user, including cost detail and time-phased reports
  • Meets FAR requirements
  • Affordable pricing for certified small businesses
  • 24/7 technical support, training, and cost volume consulting available
  • A member of the proven family of PROPRICER™ Proposal Management software products, the industry’s benchmark in  proposal pricing


  • Seamless data interchange with over 200 prime contractors who use PROPRICER™.
  • Survive the audit, both from DCAA and your Primes. PROPRICER™ Small Business Edition  reduces the need for users to spend countless hours auditing their own proposal templates, as well as  provides a more transparent data set for primes and DCAA.
  • Easy change order processing – data modifications at detail levels can happen in minutes. Stay one step ahead of companies using spreadsheet pricing systems.
  • Growth potential and business development. Prepare more proposals in less time, enabling limited  resources the opportunity to bid on more new business.

Configuration and Licensing:

The Small Business Edition is available to certified small business contractors as a stand-alone desktop installation, with a maximum of three licenses. For information on creating a multi-user environment for your small business or for pricing information, please contact our offices.