RFP Management Software

A request for proposal (RFP) is used by government contractors to purchase goods and services through a bid process. Government agencies allow companies in the private sector to bid on government contracts and attempt to procure a commodity, service, or some kind of valuable asset. In order for a business to improve their odds of being awarded such a contract, they need to efficiently and effectively package all of the detailed, specific, and often times complicated information that the awarding government agency/entity requires. That’s where RFP software comes in.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of RFP management software as the proposal development phase can make or break a company’s chances of winning any and all contracts. That’s why PRORPRICER offers a RFP software tools for businesses of all sizes and even government agencies looking to streamline the development and analysis of these proposals.

Those who are already familiar with this process know that basic spreadsheets have been the industry standard since the rise of digital technologies, but even these are now antiquated and error prone in practical use. One of the best aspects of our RFP management software suite is that it eliminates the need for those error-prone, time consuming, and complex spreadsheets that don’t allow for collaboration.

Our database software streamlines the bid submitting process and ensures all proposal-relevant materials are easily accessible and editable. All calculations are done within the PROPRICER software, and the structure allows changes to be reflected in all the necessary fields with the click of a mouse. PROPRICER also allows the user to generate their own templates when submitting similar bids.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the needs of your business, you’re going to need powerful software by your side to automate the process. We live in a technology-driven world, and if you’re not taking advantage of the tools available to you that’s literally dollars that are being lost to inefficiency. Let PROPRICER help you take the dread out of crafting efficient, results-driven pricing proposals that are sure to net you the results you need.