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By providing IGCE functionality, contractor data visibility from multiple offerors, and extensive reporting capabilities, PROPRICER™ GE offers a comprehensive set of tools designed for maximum efficiency. For example, a library of forward pricing rates can be created and the impact on a bidder’s data accurately evaluated in minutes, rather than days. With cost and pricing scenarios stored in a database, evaluation teams can produce complex “what-if” scenarios, fully loaded forward-pricing rate comparisons, and sophisticated cost estimating relationships, as well as create custom reports for briefings and analysis. This can greatly reduce the amount of time spent creating and adjusting government contract proposals.Evolved from the Contractor Edition of PROPRICER™, Government Edition includes the same powerful utilities and features used by industry leaders to help in the final contract pricing.

With Government Edition you can:

• Seamlessly receive contractor cost proposal data
• Review rates and perform cost data analysis
• Create most probable cost and negotiation positions
• Perform sophisticated project “what-if” analysis
• Prepare canned or custom briefing reports

For Contract Pricing/ Cost Analysis:

With PROPRICER™ GE, collaborative teams facilitate the projection of program funding requirements and ultimately, the negotiation of final contract pricing with vendors. Today, these projects take many hours of complex analysis. To assist in this effort, PROPRICER™ GE eliminates excessive spreadsheet manipulations by seamlessly receiving proposal cost data from contractors, giving the user more time to create pricing scenarios, perform detail cost analysis, and generate most probable cost positions. PROPRICER™ GE simplifies the government contracting award process.
• Perform sophisticated project “what-if” analysis
• Electronically provide should-cost data for analysts/management during evaluation and award phases
• Prepare custom reports

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful “what-if” capabilities: PROPRICER™ GE features enable fast and accurate analysis of  alternate project scenarios
  • Improvement of acquisition workforce productivity: professional staff produces more output in less time,  with improved accuracy
  • Version Tracking: Iterations of vendor cost positions are retained, traceable and reproducible
  • Briefing Reports: Existing and custom PROPRICER™ GE formats support briefing report preparation
  • Seamless data transfer: Contractor supplied data files are received into PROPRICER™ Government  Edition quickly and accurately
  • Industry Proven: PROPRICER™ GE functions build on proven, feature-rich PROPRICER™  Contractor Edition
  • End result is an efficient cost analysis solution to help you make the best award decisions while improving the government contracting process.
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