We provide a secure, collaborative, environment with sophisticated “what-if” capabilities and comprehensive custom reporting to meet your RFP requirements. Summarize data by WBS, CLIN, phase, option years, work package and organization structure, to name just a few. And PROPRICER™ CE is designed to meet the needs of any sized team at a single site or at various remote locations.Discover why PROPRICER™ has become the number one selling commercial pricing software product for government proposal pricers and estimators who need a solid government contract pricing solution.

With Contractor Edition you can:

Define your tasks in a manner that lets you manipulate and report your data in keeping with the overall proposal strategy and as defined by RFP requirements.

Easily create or import direct/indirect rates for either global or proposal-specific requirements. Use escalation sets for accurate and efficient rate development.

Powerful “what-if” capabilities make PROPRICER™ CE indispensable when fine-tuning cost proposal data or finalizing efforts at the eleventh hour. Switch resource categories, cut estimates by percentages, or arrive at a desired target price with just a few mouse clicks. PROPRICER™ CE is the ultimate contractor proposal software solution.

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