PROPRICER™ Connect for Excel® provides the following benefits:

• Populate your Excel spreadsheets with a variety of proposal, task and resource information
• Eliminate errors in Excel documents with automatic data population
• Improve productivity through standardization and automated data transfers
• Insert a variety of PROPRICER™ data including:

  • Proposal task and resource level fields and names
  • Hours, cost and indirect cost information
  • Design and insert PROPRICER Pivot Grids
  • Insert data from multiple proposals in the same document
  • Update your spreadsheet on demand with the latest proposal data
  • Add BOE/SOW text to any cell within the spreadsheet



The Uses For Connect for Excel® Are Almost Limitless!

• Create a model cost proposal Excel document that meets your company’s or your customer’s requirements
• Prepare the FAR 15.804 cost proposal cover sheet and 15-2 line item summary tables in seconds
• Create comparisons between multiple proposals
• Generate additional formulas based on key proposal data

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