Nik Slepushkin / Product Manager



As the Senior Product Manager at Executive Business Services, Nik Slepushkin makes a significant contribution to the company’s everyday success. Mr. Slepushkin directs PROPRICER’s product application development cycle, and also oversees many of the company’s on-site training functions. Since his start with EBS in 2006 as a Technical Support Analyst/Trainer and later a Technical Support and Training Manager, Mr. Slepushkin has developed close relationships with many of our customers, allowing valuable input and feedback to help shape features and enhancements in PROPRICER.

Mr. Slepushkin began his career in Information Technology as an active duty United States Marine, and trained heavily for years in security networks and systems support. His transition into the private sector as Network Administrator for Jack In The Box in San Diego, California strengthened his core experience in WAN and high volume global networks.

Mr. Slepushkin holds certifications in A+, N+ and MCSE,  has his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Strayer University, and his Master's degree in Business Management from Western Governor's University.