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    ProPricer Word Integration: Connect for Word

    The ProPricer Word Integration Add-In enables users to incorporate ProPricer proposal data in Microsoft Word documents and update them as the project cost and pricing changes.

    Developing your cost and pricing data into reports, graphs and charts, slides, forms, presentations, cost volumes, and other documents can be an extra workload on top of cost analyses. ProPricer Word Integration add-in Connect for Word makes it possible to automate form fills and custom layouts in your MS Word document.

    “The uses for Connect for Word are almost limitless.”

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    ProPricer Word Integration Features

    • Proposal Switching
    • Pivot Tables
    • Report Access
    • Import Capabilities

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    ProPricer Word Integration Benefits

    Do You Need a Custom Integration?

    Our integration and custom API give you the power to get the absolute most out of your ProPricer tools. By integrating and automating ProPricer with the rest of your tech stack, you can not only save time and skip manual, error-prone tasks, but you can also efficiently execute them at scale.

    ProPricer creates additional process performance improvements by electronically connecting ERP, legacy, Office, databases, and/or other enterprise or desktop systems such as accounting, EVMS, cost engineering, and project management.

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