PROPRICER Case Study: Federal Agency

Acquisition Team Reduces Cost Analysis Personnel from 30 to Just Four.

Before implementing PROPRICER Government Edition (GE), the  cost analysis team at this federal site had struggled to handle the sheer size of cost data files from their contractors.

Once received, it often took many months with dozens of people to process and analyze a proposal before making any modifications and developing negotiation positions.

"One of our contractors came to us and said, 'we need this done in a quicker turnaround,' and then introduced us to PROPRICER."

After bringing in PROPRICER GE, the team has greatly reduced the time it takes to process a proposal, as well as the resources needed, largely due to the fact that they no longer spend weeks attempting to recreate a contractor’s cost model from scratch.

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About the Customer

A federal site that works with numerous contractors to help build and maintain sophisticated waste and pretreatment facilities processes hundreds of complex proposals each year. With contracts worth up to 17 billion dollars and subject to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the cost data the acquisition team receives from offerors can become quite complex and cumbersome to analyze.

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