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Exporting and importing is a thing of the past. As a companion product for ProPricer Contractor Edition, Estimator allows functional groups to enter their cost estimates directly into a ProPricer proposal, or to be created in a ‘staging area’ for analysis before merging.

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On-demand and all-inclusive, this tool brings the entire pricing team into the pricing process and allows for greater flexibility in every proposal project.

“It’s perfect for our team - the easiest
way to get our estimates in”



Communicate directly in the application. Through item-specific news feeds, questions, comments, and peer reviews can be written directly within Estimator, eliminating the need to track multiple email chains or conversations that take place elsewhere.

Analyze and Adjust
Slice and dice data to fit any or manipulate inputs without having to go down to the input level to make those changes.

Assign the users you would like to have access in the system, and then easily set administration status.

Streamline Your Systems
With this cost and estimating software, Estimators can submit bids and documentation directly for review in ProPricer Contractor Edition with a few mouse clicks.

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