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The industry-leading solution specifically for contractors. Increase the speed and accuracy of your estimating cycle with the industry-leading pricing tool that improves bid quality and accuracy of your estimating cycle, proposal consistency, and drives growth.

This edition of ProPricer's government proposal software improves bid efficiency, access to real-time pricing all while supporting your compliance and security needs. Made for firms of any size, ProPricer's database architecture stores all estimates, formulas, and qualitative information related to developing cost proposals, ensures complete real-time visibility into all indirect and direct rates, and allows manipulation of data to provide completely customizable cost breakdowns and roll-ups.

ProPricer Contractor Edition seamlessly integrates with a number of ERP, COTS, Windows applications, or custom homegrown software to streamline critical business processes. Additionally, the Express and Essentials versions of this product meet Government Hosting Compliance standards and are both hosted on the AzureGov environment. 

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CAS/FAR Compliance
Choose from dozens of pre-formatted common reports or design your own. Generate outputs with exactly the cost and pricing data to comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), DFARS, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), and customer requirements. Export a functional cost model in ProPricer format or generate a formula-rich spreadsheet.

ProPricer captures and manages data in ways other systems can’t. It maintains rate information on a global or proposal-specific basis, including direct, indirect, and custom rates. It also allows users to model their related disclosure statement (e.g., hours x rate x overhead) within the system. Add to that a reviewable history of price changes based on rate updates and time phasing and now auditors can easily make sense of a contract’s cost data and be confident in its accuracy.

Transfer of proposal data is a button click away. When both sub-contractors and prime contractors use ProPricer Contractor Edition, primes can receive cost and pricing data in a standardized format, with the sub’s fully functional cost model intact and ready to use.

In ProPricer's live pricing environment, estimators, pricers and management can work simultaneously from any location, viewing real-time data as proposals are developed by permissions-controlled users. Any user can be given full control, access (or view rights only), edit, add, and/or delete rights; meaning rate tables can be locked down, and hundreds of individual elements can be controlled.

Have the ability to do the analysis you’ve never had time to do before. With days of validation work saved, pricing analysts can immediately take advantage of ProPricer's advanced pricing features to find the right project scenario and price. Sort and report by task, CLIN, WBS section, or any user-defined field. Allocate and spread resources and apply escalation sets. Perform what-if analysis on unlimited scenarios such as project delays, resource changes, or target pricing at any level.

ProPricer's government contract pricing software helps industry proposal teams and government acquisition professionals prepare for negotiations and communicate cost and pricing positions. With ProPricer's “What-If” features, users can easily analyze multiple scenarios, compare the cost impact of project timeline changes, see the effect of reaching a target price, swap hours or costs from one resource to another, and quickly make any number of additional changes to your resources and rates while pricing logic remains intact. Enter negotiations knowing that formulas and pricing logic are locked down, resulting in less questions and more time to focus on non-pricing issues.

Access Tags
Add an additional layer of security to your data. Quickly control which items are visible to a common group of users by creating and assigning these tags.

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A high-level overview at the key capabilities and features Contractor Edition provides.

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“We have so many different contract types, customers, and requirements. ProPricer is a significant time-saver regardless of the proposal size or complexity.”


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Software evaluation and selection can be a challenging process. A company much consider, available resources, company goals, budget, usability, and integrations with important technologies the company uses. The following checklist is designed to help in the evaluation process.

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