Why We Created the Government Contract Pricing Summit

In the world of government contracting, there seems to be an abundance of conferences, trade shows, and webinars on a variety of subjects and disciplines. More often than not, these events cater to both industry and government agencies and the focus of them can be fairly narrow or extremely broad in nature.

One of the challenges with some of the larger events relates to the breadth of information one can expect to be exposed to on a relatively narrow subject, as part of the overall conference schedule. Once you distill things down to a particular topic, it’s often difficult to find events that offer engaging, relevant subject matter experts from which to gain insights. Most events of this nature only offer a cursory exposure to these ‘sub-categories’ of interest to the many professionals who work within them.

Kim Herrington, DoD

Kim Herrington, the DoD's Acting Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting delivers the Keynote Address at the 2019 Government Contract Pricing Summit.

One such sub-category of government contracting that is a case-in-point is Government Contract Pricing. Until 4 years ago, there were no conferences that sought to address issues specific to government contract pricing/acquisition process topics and challenges. There have been government contracting conferences for many years, but none that have had the particular focus of contract pricing and its many facets and nuances that impact both contractors and government agencies.

One of the perceived impediments to progress in this area has been an assumption that industry and government have an unwillingness to work together to see process improvements realized. The prevailing thought has been it would take an act of congress to make it happen, even if both sides were willing to come to the table. Industry holds all their pricing strategies too close to the vest, so they aren’t willing to discuss any issues, it’s been thought. Government agencies are too inflexible with their requirements and too set in their ways to be interested in hearing about streamlining and increasing efficiency, others would say.


However, celebrating it’s fifth year, the Government Contract Pricing (GCP) Summit has found a way to address this issue. Professionals from almost all areas of government contracting are finding applicable content related to contract pricing from the Summit’s schedule of events.

The 5th annual conference provides exposure and ample opportunities to listen from, meet and network with government personnel from the DoD, Dept of Energy, DHS, NASA, and others, and government contractors representing industry giants like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and BAE Systems, to name just a few. In addition to full-attendee participation in general sessions, there are many opportunities to engage in smaller breakout sessions that provide more intimate gatherings to discuss various topics related to pricing and acquisition challenges.

GCP Summit Audience

Audience at the 2019 GCP Summit

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The Government Contract Pricing Summit is hosted by Executive Business Services, Inc., developers of ProPricer.

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