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What to Look For In A Proposal Pricing Software Vendor

Written by PROPRICER Team | 10/19/17 11:50 AM

What to Look For In a Proposal Pricing Software Vendor

Looking to invest in a new cost proposal pricing solution, but not sure where to start?

When evaluating software vendors it is important to keep the ‘big picture’ in mind.  Many software companies and applications may look and sound similar on the outside, but important technical and capability differences exist. 

Select a software vendor that is stable and solid.  Choosing a proposal pricing software is the beginning of a partnership between your company and the vendor.  You want to be sure that the vendor and their application will be around for the long term.

Your proposal pricing software vendor should be familiar with industry’s proposal pricing requirements.  Prior to making a commitment, your software vendor should be able to demonstrate and guarantee that your organization’s resource estimating and burden application processes are matched.

You should also be provided with a list of current users you can contact.  Speaking with long-standing end-users is a good way to evaluate how the product might work in your organization and can help gage the vendor’s customer orientation and level of support.

Of equal importance is the vendor’s track record of training, routine and emergency technical support and users’ group conferences.

And finally, look at the application’s history of enhancements.  Has the vendor continued to improve the product based on user recommendations and changing requirements?

The proposal pricing system you select now, should be your last.


Software evaluation and selection can be a challenging process.  Download the following checklist to help in the software evaluation process.