The Top 5 Reasons Referring ProPricer Government Edition Benefits You

The process of developing, managing, and analyzing costs proposals can be long and tedious. Any recommendations to help ease and streamline this process (especially from pricing partners that understand the world of government contracting) is normally met with open arms.Synergy 300x175

Why not take advantage of referring a software that can greatly impact both you and your government counterparts? Many ProPricer users have already recommended the Government Edition to their customers, and are taking advantage of the many benefits it has provided.

Here are the top five time saving benefits that will positively impact your company:

Speeding Up the Award Process

After your cost proposal data has been finalized, if your government customer isn’t using GE, you still have the task of putting your data into the agency’s required format. When both parties use ProPricer, the government agency no longer needs to specify data formats for your cost proposal submission. Since the government can create all the same reports and data formats the contractor can, all that is needed from an RFP standpoint is raw proposal data. This is a major time saver for both sides of the proposal process.    

Additionally, when using the same system, instead of the arduous task of sending cost data back and forth, the process is done with a few mouse clicks. The overall time it takes to get to a contract award is cut to a fraction of the time, positively impacting your company’s cash flow.


Stand Out from the Competition

Working with a vendor that anticipates your needs is something we all can appreciate in business. A direct benefit with both parties using ProPricer is that you as a contractor are now in a more advantageous position than your competition. If you can ease the burden of all the back and forth of cost data, it should help to put you into a favorable position with your government customer, both for the current procurement and others in the future.


Data Accuracy

When your government counterpart works with Excel or a different program to analyze your cost data, the first thing they have to do is manually recreate your proposal in a different environment. The whole process introduces a number of error-prone activities or questions from your customer. When both parties use ProPricer, the accuracy of your cost data is ensured because the manual recreation process is eliminated. You no longer have to worry about your government customer introducing data errors as a result of manually recreating your data.


Streamline Negotiations

Using the same pricing system can drastically help during negotiations. Drilling down to find specific data being analyzed and discussed is drastically simplified because the data is in the same format in which it was submitted- you are now comparing apples to apples. Comparison reports can be run in seconds and changes can be made, sent back, and approved within a fraction of the time it takes with spreadsheets. 


Reduce the Time Spent on Audits

Providing DCAA auditors with compliant and accurate cost data without a major interruption to your normal flow of operations is critical to maintaining a trusting relationship with the government, while maintaining consistent productivity. When you and your government counterparts are using ProPricer, costly hours are saved during the audit process. Having all the cost data across a cohesive database platform assists DCAA and DCMA with their job of reviewing all the data. Both agencies can easily see the rationale for your estimates, helping to avoid time-consuming rejections.

In a perfect world, if both contractors and agencies had a standard set of features and functionality, the proposal process could become completely seamless from estimator to auditor or government program administrator. With the power of referrals, you could work to make that scenario a reality.

For any business, word of mouth referrals are the most trusted in the buying and decision-making process. Wish all your government customers used the same software solution?  If they don’t, ask them why not and drastically improve your acquisition process and refer them today!


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