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Stop the Excel Insanity: Eliminate Time Spent on Data Re-entry and Subtotals

Written by PROPRICER Team | 12/14/17 3:11 PM

Anyone involved in price estimating knows how often dates change, affecting large portions of your estimate and pricing calculations. Each time a date changes, you need to go back into tens, potentially hundreds, of Excel spreadsheets, re-enter data across multiple fields, and re-evaluate your subtotals to ensure they’re still accurate.

At least, that’s how firms without PROPRICER deal with date changes.

PROPRICER accelerates the speed of recalculating estimates by an average of 500%; the acceleration improvement is even greater when working in highly complex proposal environments.

How PROPRICER Accelerates Calculations

The PROPRICER tool provides structure for you to establish your rates (direct, indirect, and custom rates) so you have all pricing calculations and algorithms completed before inputting your first field of data for an estimate. Once you input the data, you can lock down your formulas so they continue to apply, even if your dates change. As a result, the tool automatically reflects date changes in both the subtotals and final cost outputs.

You might be wondering what happens when an estimate needs to account for dramatic time shifts – but there are no worries there, either. PROPRICER allows you to lock down assumptions for rate escalations and have them vary based on market demand. For example, you can escalate your cost rate for technicians and engineers by 3% and 8% per year, respectively; by doing so, you don’t need to re-enter rates for calculations that involve workers/contractors when dates change.

In addition to rate escalations, PROPRICER also carries forward and adjusts all CER table data when dates change. With the cost estimating relationships preprogrammed into the tool, all subtotals, work breakdowns, and final estimates are automatically adjusted when dates change based on escalating rates and CER table data. To double check your math, you can use the ‘Test’ feature within the tool to ensure everything calculates correctly. To recognize the value of PROPRICER’s date-changing accuracy, you can use the Flex Shift feature and Comparison reports to make sure all estimates make sense, and deltas are as expected.

Originating Date Changes Takes Minutes, Not Days

One of the long-standing features of PROPRICER that makes it the market-leading tool for estimating and pricing is its ability to automatically time phase your data. With just a few clicks in the tool, you can time shift any data elements you want – try doing that in Excel! It can’t handle the task, leaving you with countless wasted hours and resources when dates change.

Finally, with the introduction of the new version of PROPRICER (version 9.3), you can use the latest archiving setting to transfer data both backward and forward to previous versions of PROPRICER. This virtually eliminates data keying and allows you to focus on adding more value to the organization.


Stop driving yourself insane with hours or days of recalculating subtotals and re-entering streams of data in Excel. Leverage PROPRICER to do the work for you and greatly improve estimating accuracy while streamlining your day by 500%.