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Should Cost Management: Why? How?

Written by PROPRICER Team | 8/25/11 11:33 PM
Over the past recent years, the DoD has been forced to cancel one unaffordable program after another to live within budget constraints. When taken as a whole, it is obvious that continuing “business as usual” in defense systems acquisition is not sustainable.

As compared to the commercial world, where prices decline over time even as technology improves, DoD’s products are steadily increasing in cost, often by wide margins. DoD’s productivity, its ability to deliver more without more, is going in the wrong direction when we can least afford it. 

Buying strategies must adapt to this new reality. Adjustments in our acquisition approach, tools, techniques, and attitudes are necessary if we are to continue to provide our fighting forces with the material and technical edge required for victory. It is in this spirit that Dr. Carter re­leased the Better Buying Power (BBP) initiatives and directives.

We believe ProPricer GE is the perfect fit for collaborative teams of technical, cost/pricing, procurement, management and acquisition specialists to facilitate the projection of program funding requirements and ultimately, the negotiation of realistic contracts with vendors.

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