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Government Contract Pricing Blog

PROPRICER’s Proposal Software Makes Bidding on Government Contracts Easy and Efficient

Posted Jun 9, 2016  by  PROPRICER

It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not, the fact of the matter is governments spend a lot of money. Therefore, bidding on government contracts can be a significant part of doing business in virtually any industry. 

Whether it's the procurement of a new fleet of helicopters for the Navy, or telecom services for the Air Force, or some other type of good or service, the government awards attractive contracts to the private sector every day.

Usually businesses find sales opportunities through strategies like cold calling, but it takes about eight calls to reach a prospect, on average. In order for the process of bidding on government contracts to take place, the agency or institution must follow a strict set of rules, known as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). In addition to properly identifying and planning out the government's needs, they must also undergo a process to determine which company will provide them with the best products or services.

The ways in which government agencies receive these "bids" are through applications called request for proposals (RFP). Essentially, these are analytical outlines that tell the government what the company can provide them and at what cost, as well as providing other information that would be required for consideration.

For the past couple of decades, government proposals have been completed in generally the same manner, with spreadsheets and even old-fashioned pen and paper. Not only is this inefficient, but many of the 26.5 million businesses in the U.S. simply don't have the manpower to properly dedicate towards these projects (99.7% of businesses have fewer than 500 employees). However, this process has been revolutionized with PROPRICER's RFP pricing software, allowing businesses and government agencies to take their efficiency and effectiveness to a whole new level.

With PROPRICER's unique proposal pricing software, the days of manually inputting individual pieces of information are over, eliminating many of the accidental mistakes and risks associated with such tasks. In addition, it also makes the information you do have easier to manage and reduces the overall volume of documents you need to review.

Instead of having pages and pages of spreadsheets to look through, PROPRICER is a database that allows the user to easily search, record, and make changes that can be applied throughout the entire proposal with the click of a button.

Learn more about PROPRICER.

Topics: federal proposal management, compliance, proposal software

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