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Myth: PROPRICER is only for Government Contractors

Written by PROPRICER Team | 4/11/16 6:30 AM

Fact: PROPRICER Government Edition (GE) is a pricing software solution exclusively for federal agencies. PROPRICER offers proposal pricing and cost analysis solutions for federal agencies as well as certified small businesses and large government contractors.

Reduce risk and save time with accurate and powerful cost proposal analysis.
PROPRICER GE provides federal agencies a comprehensive cost analysis solution that is accurate, reliable and efficient. PROPRICER GE simplifies the contract award process, saves time and replaces those outdated and error-prone spreadsheets.

Here's a few benefits of the Government Edition:
- Seamlessly import contractor cost proposal data
- Review rates and perform cost data analysis across multiple proposals
- IGCE functionality and cost normalization for source selection
- Quickly generate custom reporting, what-if scenarios and much more!
- Secure, collaborative database environment
- Fast, intuitive and easy-to-use
- Eliminates manually data entry
- Say goodbye to error-prone spreadsheets forever
- And PROPRICER GE is available on the GSA schedule

Watch a short video to learn more:

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