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PROPRICER Delivers Pricing Tech To Alaska Aerospace

Written by PROPRICER Team | 11/5/12 11:54 PM
Temecula, CA – November 5, 2012 – Executive Business Services (EBS), a leading software developer and distributor with headquarters in Temecula, California, announced today that Alaska Aerospace Corporation, whose main core business area is space launch, has selected ProPricer to support the company’s government contracting cost proposal, proposal pricing, and cost analysis requirements. 

As an industry leader in commercial off the shelf pricing applications, ProPricer serves as a multi-user platform where functional groups can collaborate within the same data set, real-time. As an alternative to restricted mainframe applications or unstable, complex spreadsheets, ProPricer offers users an easy-to-use interface, robust database design, advanced import and export features, and the ability to perform and create complex “what if” analysis and custom reports in minutes.

"As Alaska Aerospace Corporation moves in the direction of having a larger customer base, we anticipate ProPricer to become a critical tool that will strengthen their submittal process and enhance their ability to secure contracts", said John Shurance, EBS President and CTO.

About Executive Business Services

As an application solutions provider focusing on meeting the needs of the growing Information Technology marketplace, EBS continues to successfully build, easy-to-use commercial off-the-shelf applications for various industry markets. EBS’s industry proven ProPricer proposal pricing application suite has been helping contract management organizations standardize and manage the cost proposal process, thereby improving productivity and profitability time and again. With clients all over the US, Canada, and Europe, EBS attributes its success to its corporate mission of building quality, long-term relationships with its customers, while offering products and services that can meet and exceed the changing demands of its users. For more information about EBS and its product offering, please visit their website at