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ProPricer called “Best In Class” by Senior DoD Price Analyst

Written by PROPRICER Team | 7/4/11 11:33 PM
Temecula, Cal. – July 4, 2011 – Executive Business Services is pleased to announce that the company’s ProPricer Government Edition Source Selection and Cost Analysis product has been named “Best in Class” by a Senior DOD Price Analyst.For over 25 years, ProPricer has been making a significant process improvement impact with industry contractors in a variety of disciplines all over the globe. Just a few short years ago, the company developed and launched ProPricer “Government Edition” that offers Contracting Officers, Pricing Analysts, Cost Analysis, and Source Selection teams the ability to import, normalize, and review bidder cost data from multiple electronic formats as a smart alternative to a complex network of spreadsheets.

When the product was demonstrated and presentated, initial feedback included, “I really like the traceability features of the ProPricer tool to ensure consistency and reliability in evaluating factors/subfactors of each proposal among competing proposals. This transparency should be very beneficial in supporting the Government position in any contractor protest alleging impropriety of technical evaluation”.

ProPricer Government Edition (GE) offers teams a collaborative database environment, allowing users to “slice and dice” cost elements in a variety of different ways, and at different levels. In support of detailed proposal and cost analysis, setting up proposals “side by side” can be reduced into a fraction of the time, saving man hours and increasing overall accuracy of the tasks.

In conclusion, the product received a star rating with this final comment: “Overall in my opinion, ProPricer is “Best in Class” of COTS proposal pricing analysis tools I’ve been able to find”.