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Proposal Pricing Software: Helping Contractors Stand Above the Rest

Written by PROPRICER Team | 2/10/15 7:58 PM

Temecula, CA – February 17, 2015 – Many successful contractors will tell you that one of the hardest parts of the contracting business has nothing to do with the actual work. Winning the contract is half the battle. For any one contract, there may be dozens if not hundreds of bidders ready to jump on the opportunity -- many of them stellar and competitive in their own right. How does your contracting business stay about the rest? One solution would be to adopt proposal pricing software.

Proposal pricing software, otherwise known as "proposal management software" or "proposal creation software," is software that aids contractors in compiling and submitting responses to requests for proposal. A request for proposal is a formal solicitation made by an organization (both public and private) for a certain project or service. Contractors who win the proposal often have to beat out other contractors in a bidding process. Proposals and their responses can be complicated, long, and demanding. Contract pricing, invoices, business letters, quotes, marketing collateral, inventory, company history, and other information can be required for a response during the bidding process. The documentation process alone can drive any hardened business owner to madness.

With proposal pricing software, however, contractors can prepare their response with ease and peace of mind. The software can organize documents and check for any insufficient or duplicate material. They can also present the required information in ways that are professional and attractive to any seasoned business or organization. Looking for a way to attract solicitors? Proposal pricing software can give a contractor that extra edge to distinguish him- or herself from everybody else, winning the contract and reaching new goals.

What do you think about proposal management software? Do you or anyone else have any experience in contracting work? Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom. Good luck!