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Proposal Management Software: Making Government Bidding Opportunities A Little Easier to Bear

Written by PROPRICER Team | 3/19/15 4:54 PM

Contractors deal in a particularly volatile business. Government bidding opportunities, as well as private ones, are a long and highly competitive process that pits dozens (if not more) of different companies against each other for one project. People's jobs and companies' revenues are often on the line. What makes the process even more difficult is the response to a Request For Proposal (RFP). A RFP is a formal solicitation of services for a particular resource or product. RFPs tend to be very detailed about the requirements for the project: the materials, the costs, the time frame, the design, etc. They also tend to be specific about the kind of response they want. A response for a RFP should match it in terms of specification, clarity, and organization.

For responses, many contractors rely on proposal management software to create an adequate proposition. Proposal management software (also referred to as proposal pricing software, proposal creation software, or proposal software) enables a contractor to fulfill any requirements of a RFP and then some. Inventory, quotes, business models, company information, employee records, contracts, insurance information, time frames, and other pieces of information are compiled by the software. Proposal software helps contractors with government bidding opportunities by compiling all the necessary documentation as well as checking for any inconsistencies, missing, or duplicate documents. Once everything is compiled, proposal software organizes it all in a highly organized, thorough, and appealing presentation. Solicitors not only want answers to their questions, they want to be able to understand them clearly and competently. Proposal software makes all of that possible.

With proposal software, bidding on government contracts has never been easier. The time and effort saved with the software can be used to focus on the actual business itself, which is a win-win for everyone involved. Proposal management software is a critical tool in the fierce bidding wars contractors wage everyday.