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Press Release – New Materials Compatibility

Written by PROPRICER Team | 4/25/02 6:15 PM

Escondido, CA – April 25, 2002 – Executive Business Services, Inc., makers of the industry leading ProPricer, today announced the release of their new materials estimating capability, making ProPricer the industry’s first full-featured materials module embedded in a COTS pricing system.

ProPricer has been enhanced to handle complex, consolidated bills of material, elaborate pricing structures specific to individual organizations, vendor cost histories, and flexible reporting requirements. The enhanced materials capability, coupled with ProPricer’s ability to model sophisticated pricing scenarios, makes ProPricer the most comprehensive proposal pricing solution on the market.

“The ability for our customers to not only use ProPricer as a basic pricing system, but also be able to manage difficult pricing strategies in an intuitive working environment, has resulted in consistent successful contract awards at all levels”, said Ken Silver, General Manager. “With this new materials capability, we expect to see an even greater market penetration, especially within the manufacturing companies, which have been clamoring for such an extensive approach to pricing parts and assemblies”.

Executive Business Services, based in Escondido, CA., is a global technology leader that provides software and support to commercial and government contractors throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Executive Business Services