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Press Release – Multicurrency Capability

Written by PROPRICER Team | 12/1/01 6:10 PM

Escondido, CA – December 13, 2001 – Executive Business Services, Inc. today announced that the new, multi-currency capability for their ProPricer software, will be released on December 1, 2001.

ProPricer has been enhanced with multi-currency capabilities that will allow users to prepare and price proposals in a currency of their choice and create proposal tasks that involve the use of different currencies within a proposal that are different from the proposal currency.

This new feature will allow contractors to import bids from subcontractors in different countries and price the proposal in the customers currency.

When enabled, this enhancement will be available on all standard reports including those generated by Report MasterMind.

“This new enhancement will enable our customers to work more efficiently with their international customers and subcontractors.” said Ken Silver, General Manager of the ProPricer development team. Mr. Silver also noted that “ProPricer is the first COTS pricing system on the market with multi-currency capability.”

Executive Business Services, based in Escondido, CA., is a global technology leader that provides software and support to commercial and government contractors throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Executive Business Services