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Improve Proposal Pricing Productivity

Written by PROPRICER Team | 9/21/15 8:42 PM

Creating cost volumes for your government contracts can be a difficult and arduous process.  Luckily, PROPRICER, the leading proposal pricing software, and its companion product, Connect for Word, can make the process significantly easier.  Both products work together to give the proposal team the tools needed to generate an accurate and reliable cost volume.

PROPRICER Connect for Word is a sophisticated, easy to use, Microsoft Word® add-in.  It can significantly improve the proposal team productivity through data standardization and automation.  For example, the basis of estimate can be incorporated into your cost volume in a variety of section/chapters.  As the BOE changes in PROPRICER, those changes are reflected within the cost volume without a team member manually updating the formatted document.  This standardization saves time when changes are a constant in the evolving proposal generation process.  Connect for Word isn’t limited to just BOE text.  Almost all PROPRICER proposal data can be incorporated into your cost volume at any location.  Hours, Direct Cost, Indirect Costs, Tasks and even Summary level information are all available to insert wherever it’s needed into your document.  It’s even possible to create customized Word tables that contain proposal data.

Connect for Word is simple and straightforward.  The application was designed to integrate into the proposal pricing process and make it as simple as possible for the proposal team to use.  Users are presented with a simple panel where they can select from a variety of proposal information.  Upon selecting the item, it can be inserted into the document.  Each inserted item can be updated at any time.  In addition to updating any inserted items, any inserted field can be switched from one proposal to another.  Switching between proposals allows for the creation of proposal templates.  A single template can be used for multiple proposals further speeding up the proposal pricing process.

Additionally, users are not limited to a single proposal within a Word document.  The proposal can be changed at any time.  Inserted fields are all tracked by their parent proposal.  This allows each field to be updated or switched with another proposal.  This functionality allows the proposal team to further refine the proposal documentation.  Proposal comparisons can be incorporated into the document using individual fields or entire Word tables.  With so much flexibility, Connect for Word is the key application for incorporating all necessary PROPRICER data.

With these capabilities, Connect for Word can help create model cost proposal Word document that meets your company’s or your customer’s requirements.  The FAR 15.804 cost proposal cover sheet and 15-2 line item summary tables can be created in minutes.  Even the company estimating system documentation like signature delegation and proposal files can be standardized.  The possibilities are almost limitless when creating the cost volume.

Jeff Thorogood
Custom Application Project Manager
Executive Business Services - Makers of Industry Proven PROPRICER