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I Need an Estimating and Pricing System that Captures Everything!

Written by PROPRICER Team | 11/22/17 3:21 PM

Common business solutions, including CRM, ERP, and project management (PM) tools, unify the data and functions necessary to perform the targeted sets of business tasks that are the lifeblood of your company. Users flock to these solutions because they offer a single system that gets the job done quickly and easily.

For government contractors, the quoting process is the driver of future growth. Pricing professionals, however, have historically lacked a single source to get their job done. Luckily, a unified estimating and pricing solution exists.

Is Excel Holding Back Your Quoting Process?

Improving efficiency in your pricing process can prove difficult with Excel. To start, Excel is too unwieldy and unable to scale. It doesn’t allow you to capture all relevant data in one place, which is what makes modern CRM, ERP, and PM solutions so effective. Only a unified set of data can streamline your processes, give you more productive time in your day, and minimize time collecting data to prepare for your next DCAA audit.

PROPRICER Unifies Pricing Data

PROPRICER can help. Our estimating and pricing tool captures every piece of information related to developing cost proposals, then allows you to manipulate the data to provide cost breakdowns and roll-ups any way you choose.

Through its intuitive user interface, PROPRICER allows you to enter and store your data, algorithms, formulas, and qualitative information related to developing cost proposals – and not just basic data like direct and indirect rates or calendar year/U.S. Government fiscal year. It also stores detailed unit cost breakdowns, time-phased cost changes, CLIN and WBS summaries and sorting, ‘what-if’ scenario results, and much more.

PROPRICER Preserves Pricing Data

PROPRICER also preserves detailed historic pricing data for reuse and future reporting; with this feature, pricers can develop new cost proposals faster by tapping into the data and rationale behind previously successful proposals.

If this sounds like a best-in-class proposal pricing system, it’s because it is – PROPRICER enables your core business processes to develop winning cost proposals. The data unification and broad functionality of PROPRICER make it an indispensable tool for any business that relies on success and growth via accurate, trackable, and reusable pricing data.

Everything you enter is automatically saved and easy to manipulate in a FAR- and DFAR-compliant package, including approximately 80 standard reports that are just a few clicks away.

Stop struggling to aggregate the inputs or enter them into multiple systems that can’t create a quote without time-consuming aggregation down the road. Contact PROPRICER to learn more.