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Case Study: How GA-ASI Develops High-Quality Bids Faster and with Fewer People

Written by PROPRICER Team | 3/1/18 8:46 PM

If your pricing organization develops tens or hundreds of complex bid proposals per year, you recognize the challenge of balancing rapid proposal development with proposal quality and consistency – except you shouldn’t have to strike that balance. You should have it all: speed, accuracy, quality, and consistency.

And you can.

Learn more by reading the newly published case study about California-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) and their use of a modern estimating & pricing solution.

GA-ASI develops more than 300 bid proposals per year for government and private industry customers related to the manufacturing of high-tech aeronautical systems, and they leverage the PROPRICER estimating and pricing solution for every single one. Why? They performed a “bake-off’ between PROPRICER and Excel to underscore their reasons.

Following are the key areas the case study discusses for developing highly accurate bid proposals quickly, efficiently, and consistently:

The Bake-off: Proposal Development Speed

In performing the bake-off between Excel and PROPRICER, GA-ASI tracked the wide range of activities that form the core of developing estimates and pricing. From initial data input and developing estimate bases to uploading and time-shifting data, GA-ASI found major speed advantages due to the process automation, ease-of-use, and data unification in PROPRICER.

Data unification also affects proposal development speed. GA-ASI learned that multiple areas of a proposal come together faster when stored and managed in a single place.

Gaining Consistency and Accuracy

With hundreds of bid proposals to develop each year, with multiple versions often going to the same customer, GA-ASI must maintain consistency in their data and cost bases. Their story underscores the difficulties in doing so with standard technologies like Excel. More importantly, it discusses the underlying, purpose-built architectural features of PROPRICER to help readers understand how the solution delivers consistent results. Highlighted elements of the discussion include eliminating variation, process enforcement, uniform reporting, and data unification.

Readers also learn how a specific feature of PROPRICER helps experienced estimators sidestep traps they otherwise could not avoid.

Doing More with Fewer People

When it comes to cost savings, many companies intuitively know when a technology solution is saving them time or money, but GA-ASI took it a step further and calculated the savings they gained from PROPRICER and its effect on headcount. GA-ASI discusses the value of unified data and its impact on resource savings well beyond initial bid development.

Download the GA-ASI Case Study Here to learn how you can apply PROPRICER, and please contact us with questions. We’re here to help.