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Press Release – ProPricer 8.5 Release

Written by PROPRICER Team | 10/15/00 8:14 PM

San Diego, CA – October 15, 2000 – Executive Business Services, Inc. today announced the next release of their industry leading proposal pricing software, ProPricer 8.5. ProPricer now gives customers the option of using MS Access or Oracle as their database platform.

The company said that this ability will give customers the option of using the more robust Oracle database, giving them virtually unlimited database capacity and increased security.

Ken Silver, General Manager, stated that along with the Oracle database option, “Customers can also look forward to many other exciting capabilities and enhancements in this new release”.

These new capabilities and enhancements include two brand new reports, (the Annual Cost Summary Report and the Comparison Summary Report), enhancements to the target pricing feature, many new options for existing reports, a new feature to export rates, and additional security levels. In addition to the added features, “Many of ProPricer’s processes have been accelerated.” said Mr. Silver.

EBS said the decision to undertake the Oracle integration project was reached after in depth market research revealed the tremendous need in the industry for such a product. The industry has confirmed our research results by expressing its enthusiasm for this much anticipated capability even before the product’s release, Silver said.

The Company has slated the release date of ProPricer 8.5 for mid December.