Case Study: Federal Agency Comes Out on Top with PROPRICER

A federal agency site struggled with a successful process to evaluate bids. This federal agency site processes hundreds of proposals each year, most of which are complex and cumbersome to analyze.

This federal agency site needed:

  • A fast, accurate process to receive and evaluate bids
  • A better way to bring in large cost data files
  • To perform cost analysis for negotiations more quickly

The site’s cost analysis team struggled to handle the data, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on computers, requiring dozens of people, and devoting months to process and analyze a proposal – all before they could make modifications and develop negotiating positions.

building-logo-clipart-blueFinding PROPRICER

Then they implemented PROPRICER GE and saw immediate improvements:

  • Faster data processing
  • Reduced time for proposal evaluations

In fact, the first proposal the site processed with PROPRICER was received, analyzed, and awarded with a three-member team! Even better, the cost analysis team didn’t have to alter their core processes to see the significant time savings; they still go through their standard audits, validations, and labor rate analysis.

Federal Agency case study

The site’s acquisition team has reached new levels of efficiency. The user-friendly views and filters in PROPRICER GE:

  • Make it easy to isolate elements with their BOEs for further analysis
  • Allow users to view and zoom in on elements by WBS, CLIN, or any user-defined field to clarify the rationale behind estimates and look for mistakes
  • Support what-if scenarios and unlimited versions of the proposal to analyze cost impact
  • Offer customizable reports that can be shared with team members

Outlook with PROPRICER

This federal agency site is so pleased with PROPRICER that they’ve demonstrated the software to their headquarters, hoping to spur agency-wide adoption, citing the above benefits as well as those they feel are the top benefits of PROPRICER:

  • Reduced personnel needs for proposal analysis
  • Easily isolated price elements for detailed technical evaluations
  • No more recreating contractors’ cost models

Read the full case study here.

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