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How to Create the Most Effective Proposal for Your Business

Written by PROPRICER Team | 10/20/16 5:46 PM

When responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP), it's essential you pay close attention to your business proposal format. Submitting your proposal in the required format can mean the difference between winning a contract and failing an otherwise ideal bid.

Using government contract proposal software to ensure your pricing data is formatted correctly could be the key to success.

The absolute most important practice is to follow the RFP’s requirements. You need to make sure that your proposal complies with specific formatting instructions, as formatting is one of the first things they look at. If incorrect, your proposal won’t be considered -- all because you simply didn’t format correctly.

Even more importantly, submitting your proposal in the required format demonstrates that you're willing to take the extra time and effort to follow precise instructions. Unless you've worked with the organization in the past, or have a particularly strong reputation, following these instructions is one of the most effective ways of projecting you have the ability and willingness to follow specific requirements for carrying out the project itself if you are awarded the contract.

One business proposal format that's almost certain to include any and all relevant information is the "What, Why, When, How, Where, and Who" format. Most, if not all, government contract proposal software will help you create a proposal based on this format.

You must comply with everything listed in the RFP because government agencies usually have to follow strict selection rules to avoid any instance or accusation of improper bias.

You need to be prepared to write the most effective proposal. Whether writing a business proposal for a government organization or a private company, you should ensure that it goes above and beyond simply showcasing how you can meet the basic criteria.