New CEO Announcement - John Yapaola

    ProPricer, the leading proposal pricing solution for government contractors and federal agencies, today announced that founder and current CEO Joseph Shurance will step into the role of Executive Board Member, while John Yapaola will be welcomed as the new CEO. 

    ProPricer is excited for this new chapter in the company’s journey as we remain laser-focused on improving customers’ business opportunities and speed to market. Combining Mr. Shurance’s vision and 37-year long leadership with Mr. Yapaola’s experience building successful technology firms means ProPricer’s future is exceptionally promising. 

    “As the founder and CEO for the past 38 years, I have seen this company grow, flourish, and adapt to meet the challenges faced in this industry. To say it has been rewarding is an understatement,” said Mr. Shurance. “I strongly believe in this company and firmly believe that bold steps define the future. That is why I place my full confidence in John Yapaola as he takes on the role of CEO of ProPricer. John brings a solid perspective of industry knowledge and experience that will take ProPricer to the next level in order to continue to do what we do best – serving our customers well.” 

    “Joe and his team have built a technologically superior product and along the way, secured many key industry partners. Remaining attentive to their needs and goals is our number one priority,” stated Mr. Yapaola. “Our next phase will be about increasing market awareness and sales impact. There is a significant opportunity ahead to enlarge the ProPricer footprint, with product innovation, while staying true to the core values that have made this company what it is.” 

    ProPricer continues to challenge decades-old proposal pricing practices that slow speed to contract. The software proves that speed and accuracy are not only possible, but can increase ROI, transparency, and ultimately productivity. Already on the forefront of technology, ProPricer customers continue to lead the charge and reap the benefits of our software.  


    About ProPricer 

    ProPricer is software that maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of the development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and auditing of proposal pricing. From storing historical proposal data to effortlessly generating a broad range of reports, ProPricer empowers government contractors to build custom proposals, perform what-if analyses, and integrate all proposal data quickly and easily—within one platform. 

    Founded in 1984, ProPricer is trusted by organizations worldwide, including the top 10 US defense contractors. The company thrives on transforming its customers’ needs into product features and enhancements that benefit all its current and future users. Visit us at propricer.com to learn more. 


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