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3 Tips to Win the Contract

Written by PROPRICER Team | 10/16/15 6:07 PM

1 – Get the worm, early bird.

Start your pricing proposal early. Get in front of your team members to learn how they would like to view the proposal data points. When the RFP is officially released, then you can add in those components too.

No matter how the government wants to see the pricing data, it is critical that your technical and management teams have meaningful data to review and, most importantly, understand.

2 - Look to past failures for clues to future success

It may seem counter-intuitive that failing can lead to success, but there can be valuable data in contracts not awarded. By establishing a policy that lessons can be learned from failures, you’ll strengthen your resolve to win and avoid mistakes of the past. Work with your team to address issues from past proposals BEFORE your next big RFP.

It’s important to review and record feedback from everyone who participated in the proposal process (vendors, subcontractors, etc.) and think critically about the weaknesses of your bid. Try to keep emotion out of it and instead make formal, specific notes about how the next RFP will be treated differently.

3 – Hit the bull’s eye with pricing.

Resist the urge to insulate your proposals with every imaginable contingency. Cost-effective is the name of the game, so you need to be focused on providing the lowest price technically acceptable. Drive home the mantra that "we are pricing to win the contract." In today's contracting environment, everybody else is!
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