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3 Benefits PROPRICER's Proposal Pricing Software Can Bring to Your Business

Pencil Posted by PROPRICER Team

Because the government inherently creates no real products or services themselves, they must constantly procure things they need from one of the millions of businesses in the United States. The way businesses do this is by bidding on government contracts by submitting a proposal in response to an RFP.

Here are three time, money, and aggravation-saving ways PROPRICER's innovative proposal pricing software can help your business today.

    1. Organization: Staying organized is one of the most important aspects of any efficient business. It allows you to stay on top of the things that matter most and prevent small issues from turning into big problems. With PROPRICER's proposal pricing software, businesses no longer have to sift through numerous Excel documents or daunting mountains of paperwork to put together a complete and professional federal proposal.
    2. Convenience: With PROPRICER's unique proposal pricing software, multiple pricers and estimators in your company can work on the same proposal at the same time helping increase your chances of coming up with an accurate and competitive bidding price. The cost to prepare a complex proposal valued in the tens of millions of dollars or more is frequently in the range of one to two percent of the contract value. Thanks to the time-saving features offered by PROPRICER's amazing software, the cost to prepare a proposal is far less.The days of error-prone spreadsheets and spending countless hours going back through to double-check, edit, update, or fix issues in the proposal can be virtually eliminated. These types of changes can be found and made with a couple easy keystrokes with PROPRICER.
    3. More Government Contracts: Simply put, even the best salesperson can't always close the deal for reasons outside their control. On average, it takes about eight cold calls to reach a prospect and actually winning a government contract can be even more difficult because of the fierce competition. These aforementioned benefits allow businesses to engage in the government proposal writing and submission process more easily and efficiently, which can ultimately result in winning more contracts in the end.

Whether you're a small business owner or the head of a huge corporation, do yourself and company a favor by investing in PROPRICER's proposal pricing software and start winning more government contracts today.

Topics: federal proposal management, proposal software

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