The Proposal Pricing Software Team

Proposal Pricing Team

Joseph Shurance

Chief Executive Officer

As founder, CEO, and visionary of EBS, Mr. Shurance brings to the organization his professional experience within various disciplines. During his twenty year tenure within the Aerospace and Defense industry, Mr. Shurance excelled in both the planning and support phases of contract management including proposal preparation, inter-divisional training, cost controls, and system design and implementation. As a creative entrepreneur, Mr. Shurance began to foresee and predict the oncoming IT trends and power of PC applications, hence developing the first prototype of what would become EBS flagship commercial proposal pricing product today. In addition to his technical expertise and background, Mr. Shurance spent several years as a financial analyst, which today is the driving force in identifying and evaluating profitable strategic partnerships and joint ventures with organizations in need. Prior to his career within the private sector, Mr. Shurance was a member of the United States Armed Forces and NSA as a fluent Russian linguist. Mr. Shurance studied Computer Science and Commercial Banking at Cal State Fullerton. He is a licensed commercial pilot, published author, and a current member of the National Contract Management Association, as well as the Association for Proposal Management Professionals.


Proposal Pricing Executive

John “JB” Shurance

President and Chief Technology Officer

John “JB” Shurance is a seasoned software industry designer, developer, and leader with the ability to bring technology vision to life. Appointed President in 2008, John Shurance brings over 20 years of technology experience to EBS. Best known for designing infrastructure and web-centric applications, Mr. Shurance is focused on decreasing costs and improving processes across all business models. Prior to his position as President, Mr. Shurance was the Vice President of IT, managing and directing both internal and customer-facing technology plans. Before joining Executive Business Services in 1997, Mr. Shurance spent several years in executive level development management positions for financial services companies throughout Southern California. Through his career accomplishments, customers have improved internal controls, reduced costs, and increased revenues time and again. Mr. Shurance attended the University of Hawaii and majored in Information Systems.


Proposal Pricing Team Member

Ken Silver

Vice President Sales & Marketing/Product Management

Mr. Silver has been with the organization since 1990 when he joined the company to head up the technical support department. He held a series of increasingly responsible positions and was named Vice President in 2008. Prior to joining Executive Business Services, Mr. Silver held various positions within the aerospace and defense industry in the areas of project administration, budget analysis, and proposal development. In 1983, while at GTE Government Systems, Mr. Silver was designated as the lead project administrator for a classified data intelligence project funded by NSA. Mr. Silver’s professional background includes ten years of contract management experience at EG&G, Fairchild, GTE Government Systems, and Ball Systems Engineering, and twenty five years of software systems management/support. Mr. Silver received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.