About PROPRICER™ Federal Proposal Software

PROPRICER™, a federal proposal software application developed by Executive Business Services, Inc. (EBS), provides federal contracting solutions for government contractors and government procurement professionals. Offering the most robust platform for proposal pricing development and analysis, PROPRICER’s power and speed is unmatched.

Selected by eight of the top ten defense contractors, PROPRICER™ is the proven solution for pricing professionals and cost analysts pursuing federal contracting. Continuously developing valuable and innovative functionality, PROPRICER™’ is responsive to industry trends and customer feedback.

Since our founding in 1986, we have shown a commitment to ethical and forthright policies in the workplace. Our corporate philosophy is designed to motivate employees and their managers to deliver quality that is second to none, resulting in the growth and maturing of the products and services our customers expect. With this sound corporate culture as the basis for all we do, EBS has experienced long-term success, which has helped our customers achieve their strategic goals and objectives through more efficient federal proposal writing.



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