As an integral part of improving your company’s processes, controls, and output, PROPRICER™ training can immediately bring your proposal team up to speed on many of the key features and functions that have made the product so successful.

Divided into a variety of classes for each product and functional position, courses are available in regional locations throughout the United States or brought to your facility as an on-site program.

Training Programs and Online Learning Offerings
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Regional PROPRICER™ training courses are available in East and West coast locations.  The programs are hosted in state-of-the-art facilities with advanced PC and audio-visual equipment to ensure students receive the maximum benefit and the best experience.  Classes are limited to 12 participants and pricing can be found on the Registration page.  Locations are as follows:

PROPRICER™ training is a critical component to implementing your new cost proposal tool. Here are some great reasons to invest in your business processes and reduce the learning curve:
  • New users gain valuable hands-on training that allow them to be more productive.
  • Seasoned users learn more about new, PROPRICER™ features, which allow them to maximize their proficiency.
  • You learn tips and tricks that make you more effective and efficient.
  • Through practical examples and case studies, you walk away ready to use PROPRICER™ in the workplace.
What our Students Have to Say

I feel like I will be able to jump right in and start using PROPRICER™. The instructor knows his stuff and answered all our questions. Great class.”

“I attended the training class in December and was able to immediately begin to use PROPRICER™ to complete two proposals in January. The training program made it very easy for me to quickly get up to speed with PROPRICER™.”