Implementation & Consulting
Implementation & Consulting

PROPRICER™ Consulting reduces the time it takes to realize the benefits of your PROPRICER™ investment.  We have over two decades of proposal pricing system implementation planning, configuration planning and implementation experience.  We will help your implementation from initial requirements definition through reconciliation and verification, rollout, final reporting, and closeout.  Your professional pricing staff will hit the ground running!

PROPRICER™ Consulting cost proposal planning and preparation provides experienced proposal pricing analysts to help with, or lead project pricing and cost proposal preparation.  We offer PROPRICER™ expert user surge support, lead pricer support and cost volume management.

We can help DoD contractors implement acceptable estimating systems compliant with DFARS 215.407-5-70 that consistently produce well-supported government proposals that are acceptable as a basis for negotiation of fair and reasonable prices, help prepare and review estimating system description, and assist with estimating system review preparation, response and follow-up.

Independent audit and reviews provide a confidential, independent analysis of your cost proposal along with recommendations for improvement before delivery of your contract bid to your customer.  We offer cost volume red team review, mock audit for RFP, FAR and TINA compliance, adequacy for negotiation review, defective pricing review, clarification and deficiency notice avoidance advice, and recommendations to improve cost credibility scoring.

Our Capabilities
  • Expert PROPRICER™ user proposal support for surges, one-off proposals or temporary fill-in
  • Start to finish cost volume planning, pricing, and preparation
  • Independent cost volume review and mock audit
  • Plan, organize, and prepare cost proposals that comply with RFP, FAR and TINA requirements
  • Fast, effective, industry proven PROPRICER™ implementation
  • Preparation:  requirements assessment, review current practices, implementation plan preliminary design review
  • Execution:  kickoff, software installation, configuration and setup, testing and verification, implementation critical design review
  • Rollout:  role based training, go-live, verification testing, close-out and final report
  • Customized Implementation:  company specific and industry-specific reports
  • Match CASB Disclosure Statement and Estimating System Description
  • Advanced PROPRICER™ feature implementation – cost estimating relationships, material module pricing, integration with other business systems
  • On-site and remote implementation consulting available
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