For Government Contractors
PROPRICER™ CE Cost Proposal software for Government Contractors
For Medium to Large Contractors – PROPRICER™ Contractor Edition (CE)
Simplifying and Standardizing the Cost Proposal Process

Proposal teams use PROPRICER™ CE to efficiently create and manage accurate cost proposals. Our customers are maximizing proposal production speed and efficiency by offering these teams a secure, collaborative environment with sophisticated “What-if” capabilities and comprehensive custom reporting to meet individual proposal requirements. Summarize data by WBS, CLIN, phase, option years, work package and organization structure, to name just a few. And PROPRICER™ CE is ready to meet any sized team at a single site or at various remote locations. Discover why PROPRICER™ has become the number one selling commerical software product for proposal pricers and estimators.


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Define your tasks in a manner that lets you manipulate and report your data in keeping with the overall proposal strategy and as defined by RFP requirements.

PROPRICER™ CE complies with RFP requirements

Easily create or import direct/indirect rates for either global or proposal-specific requirements. Use escalation sets for accurate and efficient rate development.

PROPRICER™ CE accurate and efficient rate development for Proposal Pricing, Cost Analysis, and Source Selection


Powerful “What-if” capabilities make PROPRICER™ CE indispensible when fine-tuning cost proposal data or finalizing efforts at the eleventh hour. Switch resource categories, cut estimates by percentages, or arrive at a desired target price with just a few mouse clicks.

PROPRICER™ CE What if capabilities for fine tuning government proposal writing cost proposal data

PROPRICER™ CE is designed to provide cost proposal analysis in minutes, rather than hours. Eliminating the need for complex spreadsheet templates, companies are experiencing the many benefits of utilizing a proposal pricing solution that’s easy to learn and industry respected. Use PROPRICER™ CE to support the way you do business.

PROPRICER™ CE What if capabilities for fine tuning government proposal writing cost proposal data

Functional departments directly access and estimate appropriate portions of the cost proposal

As a companion product to PROPRICER™ Contractor Edition (CE), Estimator allows functional groups to enter their estimates directly to a PROPRICER™ proposal (or to be created in a ‘staging area’ for analysis before merging), providing for the spreading of resource hours/dollars, BOE text creation or attaching, and data manipulation to arrive at desired results. This allows pricing teams to be made part of the pricing review process seamlessly. Exporting and importing is a thing of the past. Estimator provides accurate, standardized estimates while offering the flexibility needed for specific proposal requirements. See how this powerful, comprehensive estimating capability seamlessly interfaces with PROPRICER™ CE to give your proposal teams an unparalleled competitive advantage throughout the proposal process.