API Services
Executive Business Services offers custom integration services to valued customers around the globe. If your organization is looking to seamlessly connect data between ERP, COTS Windows applications, or custom homegrown software, we have the technical and functional expertise to deliver a quality solution into your technology back-office environment.

Version 9.x users can create additional process performance improvements by:
  • Electronically connecting ERP, legacy and/or other enterprise or desktop systems such as accounting, EVMS, cost engineering, project management and procurement software.
  • Creating a custom application layer to provide additional visibility to business operation decision makers.

PROPRICER™ Management Console
The PROPRICER™ Management Console provides a unique perspective for all of your proposals. Now you can visualize your proposals through charts, graphs, and detailed pivot grids. You can even deploy a comparison pivot grid against an unlimited number of proposals. These features provide a top level view of your entire proposal collection.

The PROPRICER™ Management Console is a standalone application that is fully integrated with your PROPRICER™ data and security.  Simply point the application to the appropriate server and start analyzing your data.  The console was designed to be a simple, intuitive application that anyone can use without training.

GSA Travel Import Utility
The GSA Travel Import Utility connects directly to the GSA website that hosts all of the GSA per diem and lodging rates.  Simply download the rates and import into your PROPRICER™ Travel Library.

  •     Imports all travel definitions within a single import.  No formatting required
  •     Include a mileage rate for all travel items
  •     Assign PROPRICER™ resource to all travel items
  •     Control duplicate handling
  •     Connect to any existing PROPRICER™ 9.x environment

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PROPRICER™ Online Store
Visit the PROPRICER™  Online Store to view all of our API products and their features.  New products are added as they become available.

Through a variety of coding languages and relationships, contractors and agencies can improve functional process links with secure, reliable data interexchange between departments, company systems, and when applicable among companies.

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