The Team
Joseph Shurance
Chief Executive Officer
As founder, CEO, and visionary of EBS, Mr. Shurance brings to the organization his professional experience within various disciplines. During his twenty year tenure within the Aerospace and Defense industry, Mr. Shurance excelled in both the planning and support phases of contract management including proposal preparation, inter-divisional training, cost controls, and system design and implementation. As a creative entrepreneur, Mr. Shurance began to foresee and predict the oncoming IT trends and power of PC applications, hence developing the first prototype of what would become EBS flagship commercial proposal pricing product today. In addition to his technical expertise and background, Mr. Shurance spent several years as a financial analyst, which today is the driving force in identifying and evaluating profitable strategic partnerships and joint ventures with organizations in need. Prior to his career within the private sector, Mr. Shurance was a member of the United States Armed Forces and NSA as a fluent Russian linguist. Mr. Shurance studied Computer Science and Commercial Banking at Cal State Fullerton. He is a licensed commercial pilot, published author, and a current member of the National Contract Management Association, as well as the Association for Proposal Management Professionals.

John “JB” Shurance
President and Chief Technology Officer
John “JB” Shurance is a seasoned software industry designer, developer, and leader with the ability to bring technology vision to life. Appointed President in 2008, John Shurance brings over 20 years of technology experience to EBS. Best known for designing infrastructure and web-centric applications, Mr. Shurance is focused on decreasing costs and improving processes across all business models. Prior to his position as President, Mr. Shurance was the Vice President of IT, managing and directing both internal and customer-facing technology plans. Before joining Executive Business Services in 1997, Mr. Shurance spent several years in executive level development management positions for financial services companies throughout Southern California. Through his career accomplishments, customers have improved internal controls, reduced costs, and increased revenues time and again. Mr. Shurance attended the University of Hawaii and majored in Information Systems.

Ken Silver
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Mr. Silver has been with the organization since 1990 when he joined the company to head up the technical support department. He held a series of increasingly responsible positions and was named Vice President in 2008. Prior to joining Executive Business Services, Mr. Silver held various positions within the aerospace and defense industry in the areas of project administration, budget analysis, and proposal development. In 1983, while at GTE Government Systems, Mr. Silver was designated as the lead project administrator for a classified data intelligence project funded by NSA. Mr. Silver’s professional background includes ten years of contract management experience at EG&G, Fairchild, GTE Government Systems, and Ball Systems Engineering, and twenty years of software systems management/support. Mr. Silver received his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.

Carl Holland
Regional Director of Sales
Carl Holland brings to EBS a strong, unique blend of industry experience and expertise in proposal pricing, contract management, strategic planning, and information technology infrastructure. Prior to his countless accomplishments with EBS since his arrival in 1994, Mr. Holland has held with distinction, various Proposal and Contract Management positions over a career that spans in excess of twenty-five years. As Manager of Pricing for Litton, Mr. Holland focused his project management and budgeting strengths on growing the company’s government contract funding opportunities, while increasing the productivity and quality of output for his divisions. His exemplary commitment to excellence spans back even further with director level positions at American Development Corporation, where he was directly responsible for evaluating, negotiating, and managing lucrative, revenue generating funding opportunities for both domestic and international research and development projects. Mr. Holland continues to positively influence and impact his professional circle by acting in a consultant role to company prospects, always going that extra mile during all phases of the sales cycle, thereby becoming a respected partner and vendor to his valued customers. Mr. Holland received his Bachelors Degree from University of South Carolina at Columbia, and is an active member of NCMA.

Brian Burmeister
Regional Director of Sales
With 10+ years in global sales experience, Brian Burmeister brings his knowledge and expertise in manufacturing and industrial engineering sales to EBS. Before joining the company, Mr. Burmeister managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of Fortune 1000 companies as Sales Manager for InBench, held by Steria Europe. His ability to focus on strategic and engineered solutions sales with a personal consulting touch, ensures clients received what is promised and is promptly delivered. Mr. Burmeister has resided both here in the US and abroad. He speaks fluent Swedish and has received various certifications including MIT’s Advanced Marketing and Sales coursework.

Scott Clayton
Principal Consultant
Mr. Clayton joined EBS in 2000 as part of the company’s Sales and Implementation Team. He now has the lead role in EBS’ growing consultancy division. As an experienced technical professional with over 20 years of industry experience in Aerospace and Defense, Government Contracting, and Project Cost Estimating and Pricing, Mr. Clayton is supporting customers in their initial software implementation, as well as offering his expertise as a subject matter expert by defining opportunities for process improvements. Before joining EBS, Mr. Clayton gained broad practice and understanding in several positions with Hercules Aerospace and ATK Aerospace, including project business management and controls, contract administration, proposal pricing, and electronic business systems evaluation and implementation. His direct project experience with Pershing II, Peacekeeper, Titan IV, EELV, and Delta II, III, and IV brings significant practical experience to EBS’ project-based business model. Mr. Clayton is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Arts in Arabic, a Masters of Arts in Middle East Studies, and an M.B.A. He is a long time member of the National Contract Management Association, and maintains his standing as a Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM).

Michael Weaver
Product Manager
As Product Manager, Michael Weaver brings 15 years of IT Support and Customer Service experience to PROPRICER™. In this role, Mr. Weaver’s priorities include making educated decisions on new enhancements and value modifications to the product line based on the needs of current and future customers. During his five year tenure with EBS as a Technical Support Analyst/Trainer, Mr. Weaver has developed close relationships with many customers, allowing valuable input and feedback to help shape the company’s flagship product. Prior to joining EBS, Mr. Weaver held IT support and auditing positions with the United States Marine Corps, Dallas Veteran’s Hospital, and the State of Louisiana’s Legislative Auditor’s Office. Mr. Weaver has a Bachelor of Science in Network and Communications Management from DeVry University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Information Technology Management.

Nik Slepushkin
Manager of Technical Support & Training
Nik Slepushkin makes a significant contribution to the company’s everyday successes as the Manager of Technical Support and Training Services. While overseeing many of the company’s customer-facing support functions with a skilled team, Nik directs and plays an integral role in the company’s product application development cycle, technical training program development, and internal operations’ application enhancements. Beginning his career in Information Technology as an active duty United States Marine, Nik Slepushkin trained heavily for years in security networks and systems support. His transition into the private sector as Network Administrator for Jack In The Box in San Diego, California strengthened his core experience in WAN and high volume global networks. As he joined Executive Business Services in 2006 with A+, N+ and MCSE certifications, his position responsibilities have grown from technical support, to technical trainer and more. Nik has his B.A. in Business Management from Strayer University, and looks forward to continuing his education to achieve a Masters Degree in Finance or Contracts.

Kim Shurance
Vice President/Administration & Product Management
As Vice President of Administration & Project Management, Kim Shurance brings over 20 years of Project Management and Product Management experience to EBS. Beginning her career with General Dynamics in the Aerospace Industry, Mrs. Shurance’s responsibilities grew over time from manufacturing to software to client support. As a consultant for Hughes Aerospace and then twelve years in Product Management for an industry Software company, Mrs. Shurance’s strengths and expertise in functional and technical organization have had an immediate benefit and impact on the company’s internal processes and controls. Mrs. Shurance has a Masters Degree in Business Management and a B.A. from San Diego State.