About Us

Since the company’s inception in 1986, Executive Business Services (EBS) has been developing innovative software solutions and services for small to large customers worldwide. PROPRICER™, an industry proven, commercial off-the-shelf proposal pricing application, provides cutting-edge technology that supports the government contracting arena. For more than 26 years, EBS has been a leading provider of first-class software solutions. We understand that only by building strong relationships with our customers can we continue to provide comprehensive software solutions to each company’s mission-critical government procurement process.

Since its first DOS-based release of PROPRICER™ in 1987, to the first Windows-based solution in 1995, to our 32-bit version of PROPRICER™ in 1998, through our latest cutting-edge solutions of today, EBS has continually led the way in producing the industry standard in proposal pricing software applications.  With strategic partnerships and joint development initiatives, EBS has remained a consistently strong force in the marketplace, regardless of how the industry landscape has changed.

EBS is committed to ethical and forthright policies and traditions in the workplace. The company’s corporate philosophy is designed to motivate employees and their managers to deliver quality that is second to none, resulting in the growth and maturing of the company’s products and services. With this sound corporate culture as the basis for all we do, the company has been able to experience long-term success in achieving its strategic goals and objectives.

For Public Relations, please contact:
Yvonne Miller
Director of Marketing